Sister: Domita Henry

Our sisterhood department consists of ALL the females in the church.  What better bond than a genuine sisterly bond.  Sis. Domita Henry is our President.  It is our goal to encourage, uplift, inspire, motivate and pray for each other.  Every year the Sisterhood is the proud sponsor of the W.I.R.E. (Women In Red Explosion).  At this time of year, all the sisters come together as a mass choir (there are a few cheerleaders left in the audience) to sing praises and Honor to God dressed elegantly in red. The church is normally packed to capacity and you cannot imagine the height of the Spirit at this time. Each year features different speakers and guests. The Sisterhood department also sponsors "Wear It Your Way Hat Day".  On the Sunday dedicated to this event, you will hats, hats and more hats, big hats, small hats, wide hats, skinny hats, but every hat has a Sister adorning it with beauty.  We love our sisterhood department.  Sister to Sister ....We Are Family !!!